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The English text of the Roman Missal provides a basis or standard for translating the remaining Ritual and Pontifical texts of the Roman Rite (see Liturgical Books).   It is anticipated that ICEL will issue all the texts of the Roman Rite in the coming years.   The following have been provided to the Conferences in Gray Book form:

  • Order of Celebrating Matrimony, April 2013
  • Order of Confirmation, April 2013
  • Order of Dedication of a Church and an Altar, April 2014
  • Exorcisms and Related Supplications, April 2014
  • Liturgy of the Hours: Supplement, April 2014
  • The Liturgy of the Hours: Texts for Advent and Christmas, December 2015
  • Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Eternal High Priest, April 2016
  • Blessing of Oils, December 2016
The Roman Missal

In April 2010 the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments announced that the recognitio for the ‘universal edition’ (the ICEL text) of the Roman Missal had been granted. The Conferences of Bishops were responsible for incorporating their national propers, and authorizing publishers to print the new Missal in their territories.

Music for the Roman Missal

The music for the Missal is available here. It is important to note that the texts and music on this site require the authorization for use in a liturgical setting by the Bishops' Conference.

An Introduction to the music is available and explains the approach adopted in the chants.

Catechetical Resources for Roman Missal

ICEL commissioned a catechetical resource entitled "Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ" to aid in the reception of the Missal. This interactive DVD explores the depth and richness of the text and music of the Roman Missal as well as provides a general catechesis on the Mass. The resource centers on five essays and uses video, texts, graphics, and music to help the user enrich their understanding and deepen their appreciation of the Eucharist. It is for individual or group use, private study or public catechesis.

Production and distribution of the resource is administered by the individual Conferences and this information is available here. If you have any questions or difficulties in obtaining copies, please contact the ICEL Secretariat.